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Chinese Artist
Ceramic with buff body and red, black, and green pigments
7th century CE - 9th century CE Chinese
( Asia )

Huan Dispersion Wind with Water

Sheila Eaton Isham
Acrylic on canvas
20th century CE American
( North America )
Art (blank sub-class)

Jar in Gunmetal Finish

Maria Martinez
Clay, clay slip
20th century CE Tewa
( North America )
Decorative Furnishings

Jar with Avanyu (Water Serpent) Design

Mela Youngblood
Earthenware with slip
20th century CE Kha'p'o Owinge
( North America )
Food Storage Equipment

Jar-Shaped Basket

Possibly by Tübatulabal Artist
Native vegetal fiber probably willow, redbud, and devil’s claw
19th century CE Tübatulabal
( North America )
Container (blank sub-class)

Julius Caesar, elephant trampling snake variety (non-portrait)

Ancient Roman Artist
1st century BCE Ancient Roman
( Europe )
Exchange Media (blank sub-class)


Ancient Greek Artist
4th century BCE Ancient Greek
( Europe )
Drinking Vessels

Late Italian Doorway and Iron Grille Gate

Italian Artist
Wood and paint
17th century CE - 18th century CE Italian
( Europe )
Supporting Elements

Lidded Box

Native American Artist
Silver, turquoise
20th century CE
( North America )
Personal Carrying & Storage Gear

Lohan with Carved Base

Chinese Artist
Wood, gesso, and pigment
17th century CE Chinese
( Asia )

Low Cylinder Vase

Maya Artist
Ceramic, paint
7th century CE - 10th century CE Maya
( North America )
Drinking Vessels

Man's Head

Ancient Roman Artist
3rd century CE Ancient Roman
( Europe )
Art (blank sub-class)

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