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Man's Vest

Lakota (Sioux) Artist
Tanned hide, glass beads, and cotton cloth
19th century CE Lakota (Sioux)
( North America )
Main Garments


Augustine and Rosalie Pinto
Silver, jet, serpentine, mother of pearl, turquoise, coral
20th century CE A:shiwi (Zuni)
( North America )
Body Adornments

Poro Society Mask (kpongyugu)

Senufo Artist
Wood and pigment
20th century CE Senufo
( Africa )
Religious Objects

Royal Mukenga (Mwashomboy) Mask

Kuba Artist
Glass beads, raffia, wood, cloth, fur, and cowrie shells
20th century CE Kuba
( Africa )
Religious Objects

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