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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Julius Caesar, elephant trampling snake variety (non-portrait)   Unknown Ancient Roman Artist   Silver  ca. 50 BC 
Kantharos   Unknown Ancient Greek Artist   Ceramic  4th century BCE 
Late Italian Doorway and Iron Grille Gate   Unknown Italian Artist   Wood and paint  1600 - 1730 (Baroque) 
Lidded Box   Unknown Native American Artist   Silver, turquoise  mid 20th century 
Lohan with Carved Base   Unknown Chinese Artist   Wood, gesso, and pigment  1600 - 1699 
Los Angeles, California from "Radioactive Inactives"   Nagatani, Patrick   Ektacolor print  1987 - 1988 
Low Cylinder Vase   Unknown Maya Artist   Ceramic, paint  650 - 850 CE 
Lubbock, Texas from "Radioactive Inactives"   Nagatani, Patrick   Ektacolor print  1987 - 1988 
Lubbock, Texas from "Radioactive Inactives"   Nagatani, Patrick   Ektacolor print  1987 - 1988 
Man's Head   Unknown Ancient Roman Artist   Marble  ca. 250 - 275 CE 
Man's Vest   Unknown Lakota (Sioux) Artist   Tanned hide, glass beads, and cotton cloth  1880 - 1900 
Marcus Aurelius, AD 161-180, Tiber reclining reverse   Unknown Ancient Roman Artist   Bronze  161 - 180 AD 
Miniature Wine Cup   Unknown Chinese Artist   Sancai glazed earthenware  618 - 907 AD (period dates) 
Mold-Made Lamp with Frog Motif   Unknown Romano-Egyptian Artist   Terracotta  4th century AD 
Mold-Made Lamp with Grasshopper   Unknown Romano-Egyptian Artist   Terracotta  1st century CE 
Mold-Made Lamp with Greek Cross   Unknown Romano-Egyptian Artist   Terracotta  5th century AD 
Monet's Garden   Davis, Gene   Acrylic on unprimed canvas  1975 
Necklace   Pinto, Augustine and Rosalie   Silver, jet, serpentine, mother of pearl, turquoise, coral  1980 
Nero, AD 54-58   Unknown Ancient Roman Artist   Gold  54 - 68 AD 
New York Crosstown Late Afternoon   Sánchez, Emilio   Oil on canvas  ca. 1977 
New York Sky Sunny Day   Sánchez, Emilio   Oil on canvas  1980s 
One for the Money, Two Faux the Show (Still Pimpin') after Katsukawa Shun'ei's "The Actor Ichikawa Komazo III"   Rozeal   Acrylic and gold leaf on panel  2006 
Oriforme   Arp, Jean   Stainless steel  1962 (modeled); 1977 (fabricated) 
Padmasambhava (The Lotus Born) Buddhist Master   Unknown Tibetan Artist   Bronze  ca. 1775 - 1799 
Pale Green Glass Jar   Unknown Ancient Roman Artist   Glass  4th century CE 

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