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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Processional Crucifix   Figurines possibly based on designs by Masolino Unknown Bohemian Artist   Enamel, silver, and gilt bronze on iron core  ca. 1425 - 1435 
Padmasambhava (The Lotus Born) Buddhist Master   Unknown Tibetan Artist   Bronze  ca. 1775 - 1799 
Moat Mountains and Ledges from Intervale   Champney, Benjamin   Oil on canvas  ca. 1880 
Agrippa   Unknown Ancient Roman Artist   Bronze  ca. 19 AD 
Moon and Half Dome   Adams, Ansel   Gelatin silver print  ca. 1960 
New York Crosstown Late Afternoon   Sánchez, Emilio   Oil on canvas  ca. 1977 
Untitled   Sterne, Hedda   Oil and pastel on canvas  ca. 1982 - 1983 
Untitled (Looking West from My Studio)   Sánchez, Emilio   Oil on canvas  ca. 1985 
Man's Head   Unknown Ancient Roman Artist   Marble  ca. 250 - 275 CE 
Red Figure Trefoil Mouth Oinochoe   Unknown Ancient Greek Artist   Ceramic  ca. 350 BCE - 325 BCE 
Red-figure Fish Plate   Attributed to Sansone Painter   Ceramic  ca. 425 BCE - 400 BCE 
Julius Caesar, elephant trampling snake variety (non-portrait)   Unknown Ancient Roman Artist   Silver  ca. 50 BC 
Black Figure Column Krater   Unknown Ancient Greek Artist   Ceramic  ca. 510 BCE - 500 BCE 
Horse   Unknown Chinese Artist   Ceramic with buff body and red, black, and green pigments  ca. 600 - 800 AD 
Bowl   Unknown Korean Artist   Celadon  early 15th century 
Maple Tree with Stream   Unknown Japanese Artist   Ink, color, and gold on paper with brocade border in brown teakwood frame  early 20th century 
St. Sebastian   Unknown Burgundian Artist   Limestone  late 15th century 
Jar-Shaped Basket   Possibly by Unknown Tübatulabal Artist   Native vegetal fiber probably willow, redbud, and devil’s claw  late 19th century 
Jar in Gunmetal Finish   Martinez, Maria   Clay, clay slip  mid 20th century 
Lidded Box   Unknown Native American Artist   Silver, turquoise  mid 20th century 
Codex Cylinder Vase   Unknown Maya Artist   Clay with cream and orange slip  n.d. 
Polychrome Bowl with Geometric Designs   Unknown Maya Artist   Clay with cream and red and black paint  n.d. 

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