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Browse geographies or cultures of origin. The Fralin Museum is mindful that perceptual frameworks of current geographies are often conflated with nationality (or culture), especially for historically under-researched or under-represented cultures. To avoid improperly ascribing nationalities to cultural groups our cataloguing recognizes the agencies and identities of cultural groups. The classification systems we use are evolving as we tailor a pre-existing data structure in accomodation of more accurate, nuanced, cataloguing than previously permitted by a narrative of historiographic scholarship. This is a work in progress. Research is ongoing.

The collection of The Fralin Museum of Art at The University of Virginia can be explored by Artist, by Geography, or by general groupings and various named collections. Advanced Search offers many ways to query, explore, and filter the objects in the collection. We also offer the groupings below as means to focus on select concentrations within or apporaches to the collection. Use "Browse" in the navbar above to see Portfolios, Exhibitions and more!

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