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Fralin - IATH - UVA LIbraries Data Project

Our museum has a long history of collaboration with various departments and research arms of the University. In 2015, with the University of Virginia Library 3D Cultural Heritage Informatics group, the Fralin began collecting 3D data of Ancient Greek, Precolumbian, African, and Asian artifacts and items . This effort supports pedagogy and research with UVA faculty, especially Tyler Jo Smith and Adriana Greci-Green. The data that has been collected has been processed to a stage that allows wider use for a variety of forms of 3D content, including 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality and 3D CAD models. The goal is to ensure the widest access and use of this data by the scholarly community. The UVA Library is one of the most active proponents of open data in academia and we support that effort through the Libra platform for open scholarship. Guidance from archivists, data specialists, and information managers has informed a repository of 3D cultural heritage data to UVA's open access repository, Dataverse.

The collection of The Fralin Museum of Art at The University of Virginia can be explored by Artist, by Geography, or by general groupings and various named collections. Advanced Search offers many ways to query, explore, and filter the objects in the collection. We also offer the groupings below as means to focus on select concentrations within or apporaches to the collection. Use "Browse" in the navbar above to see Portfolios, Exhibitions and more!

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